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DR HOUSING, encompassing DHO Design and Build, DHO Home Gallery, and DHO Manufacturing, stands as a comprehensive force in the industry. Our group, comprising over 50 dedicated staff, including engineers, designers, site staff, and carpenters, is committed to delivering exceptional results. DR HOUSING reinforces this commitment by delivering a true one-stop solution, leveraging our in-house resources and minimizing sub-contracting to enhance our after-sales services.

DHO Design and Build, established in 2017, is a beacon of excellence, proudly holding the prestigious CIDB G7 contractor designation. Our cohesive team collaborates seamlessly to optimize the utilization of every inch of land, ensuring that each raised column serves a designated purpose. This commitment to precision and customer satisfaction is underscored by our recent receipt of the prestigious 2023 ShangHai Rekatone Outstanding Design Award (Sroda) for "The Best Landed House." At DHO Design and Build, the ethos of "Serving from the Heart" shapes our comprehensive design and construction services.

DHO Home Gallery, established in 2022, stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting living spaces that transcend the ordinary. Our experts curate a thoughtful selection of high-quality home furnishings and accessories, guiding clients in transforming their spaces into personalized havens of style and comfort. Aligned with the overarching ethos of the DHO Group, our showroom becomes a tangible expression of quality, innovation, and style.

DHO Manufacturing, on its journey since 2021, has rapidly achieved significant milestones, culminating in the establishment of its second factory in 2023. Specializing in crafting top-tier wood-based products, our manufacturing arm emphasizes precision craftsmanship and the use of superior materials. With our dedicated team, we consistently deliver products that not only meet but exceed expectations. As we expand our reach, we remain unwavering in our pledge to deliver exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for our clients. The commitment to quality and innovation at DHO Manufacturing is poised to make substantial contributions to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, offering enduring and innovative wood-based solutions.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts of DR HOUSING, comprising DHO Design and Build, DHO Home Gallery, and DHO Manufacturing, all under the umbrella of DR Housing Group, embody a holistic approach to design, construction, and manufacturing services. From conceptualizing personalized living spaces to crafting high-quality products, the DHO Group's unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident in every facet of its operations. This distinctive synergy creates a seamless and comprehensive experience for clients, setting new standards in the industry while echoing the resounding promise of "Serving from the Heart."

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