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■ Easily and Automatically reloads your eBay Chat home page automatically.■ Intelligent auto-reload, giving you a fresh view of eBay chat page, the minimum time is 5seconds after you refresh page.■ Provides the latest eBay chat messages■ Support auto reload for both basic and PremiumQ:Java Collection sortI have a variable name sorted.This sorted contains 3 numbers.I want to sort this numbers for example.List con = Arrays.asList(55.03, 15.03, 67.03);double[] sorted = con.toArray();double[] sorted2 = Arrays.asList(55.03, 15.03, 67.03).toArray();I want to sort the first elements like the second one.I have 3 numbers and i want to sort them, but the first one always equal.How to sort by the first element, for example to sort the 2nd element (15.03) first and so.A:If you have your list elements in an array and you want to be able to sort them by any of the values in the array, you need to make your list an arraylist like this: ArrayList sorted = Arrays.asList(new double[]{55.03, 15.03, 67.03});ArrayList sorted2 = new ArrayList(Arrays.asList(55.03, 15.03, 67.03));This way you can sort the list according to any of the values. If you want to be able to sort them by more than one value, you need to declare the list as an arraylist like this:ArrayList sorted = Arrays.asList(new double[]{55.03, 15.03, 67.03}, new double[]{52.03, 12.03, 21.03});( - The one clear message from the Detroit Lions'offensive line is that it needs work.The group has been a revolving door for most of the season, with sixdifferent starters on the left side and seven different players starting onthe right side.This has led to highs in production, including a running game that, in therun game, could be 08929e5ed8

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